So my DIY post is a little behind this week (yet to take the photos), so I thought I would post another little DIY project I am working on, it’s an ongoing one.

It is very easy to get caught up in the little things in life and forget to stop and look at all the blessings, lessons learned, challenges etc.

So, as a challenge to myself I decided to spend the last few minutes of my waking hours reflecting on the day passed, wither it was something I felt, even a prayer (yip there are a few of them) or a dream. I have this giant pin board across the main wall of my room (not my choice) and have been struggling to fill it. This combined with my handy kikki k desk calender (best $6 I have ever spent) provided a unique opportunity…

Kikki K Daily Desk Calender

Kikki K Daily Desk Calender

So each night before bed, I tear off today’s calender page and write a little something (there is a cute note section at the bottom which also tears off, two opportunities for reflection whoop) and then pin it up. I have found I leave the day feeling really good and thankful for the little things that have had an impact.

The hope is to put some nice paper up behind the reflections and switch to blue tack over pins (as my pin stock is depleting at a rapid rate), but here is a snap shot of the progress (and yes I did the painting, and yes this photo was taken at the wee hours of the morning so apologies for the lack of natural lighting and clarity)




How to – Cupcake lights

So moving into a new room after spending 23 years in my previous home was a bit of a challenge, how to make this strange new place “home”?

Well, one of my lovely friends mentioned I should make cupcake lights. Finding the wrappers was a mission and a half, but success in a local book store (in all places).

Here’s how to lighten up your room with a bit of delectable goodness

– Christmas or fairy lights (I used the LED ones)
– Cupcake wrappers (number matching the number of lights)
– Craft knife

1. Cut a small cross on the centre bottom of the cupcake wrappers

2. Push light through the cross (from the outside in)

3. Place as desired, and light up

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DIY Needlework Artwork

This is a very simple and effective gift, or something to display in the home for very little  money, enjoy…

What you need
– Stretched canvas
– Paint
– Paint brush
– Ruler
– Pencil
– Wool
– Wool needle
– Material puncher, or something to press a hole in the canvas, a large needle works well

1. Paint your canvas the desired colour

2. Plan what you want to draw, this is easiest by drawing up a grid of your canvas area and creating your desired object. I chose letters with a grid square of 2cm x 2cm (as my canvas were 20cm x 20cm this worked out quite nicely)

3. Draw up your puncher marks on your canvas using a ruler and a pencil to dot the puncher marks

4. Punch holes in desired places

5. Start cross stitching,  remember, good needlework practice is that you should always have the thread (wool in this case) going in the same direction on the top and bottom stitches. If your wool is thin you can double up

6. Tie off your wool at the end, step back and enjoy your creation