Measure of Time

There is no stopping time, looking at my last blog post dated in May, I can think of so many changes, indefinite experiences, time never stops, life never stops…

So where to go from here? Today is now and as such I am going to write for the now.

I am currently in Auckland “on loan” to my old company to complete a project I started many moons ago. It has been very serieal being back in a familiar place, a familiar life yet it is so different, I am different. Seeing colleagues, sharing in their lives, I have felt so removed yet for some reason this doesn’t seem to bother me, as some would put it “I have a new life” (or at least in my eyes a new chapter).

It has been great sharing time with my dad, having the opportunity to include him in my life. We visited mum’s grave on Tuesday, something very personal for me, something I do alone, but knowing he would not go out of his way to visit her without a reason, it was challenging but peaceful to include him.

I have been resistant to this visit, not seeing the point in coming up to effectively edit for a week. But as God does, he has shown me so much, so much grace, my potential and the drive behind my move to Christchurch (to follow his call) and also reexperiencing my passions and desires for the future.

So here I am sitting, waiting for my ride to the airport to catch my flight back to home, a new chapter I am discovering (and at times struggling with as it is nothing like I expected). I am excited for the coming weeks, months… becoming a part of my research, to let my home be my home and settle in, to sew, oh my glorious sewing machine, I have missed you, I have missed my me time, the time I can create and mull. I am looking forward to seeing my family, my friends down south who have become my home.

Time is never ending, never changing, just moving forward, all we can do is embrace it and let be what is to be.