So this month has flown by…

So many things have happened

I turned 26 (gez I know adding on the years)
Completed multiple trips up to Auckland
Packed up my childhood room for my last few nights in the house that has been filled with so much joy, laughter, sadness and growth (probably one of the hardest things is saying goodbye to the place in which I grew up, the place my mother passed away in, the place I felt safe)
Dropped 4 points on my skinfolds (hey this is a huge achievement, I’m getting toned baby)
Started winter rowing training… um er yes there have been some tears and near vomiting moments on the erg
Undertook the fun challenge of making my friends wedding dress (sleepless nights, there have been a few)
Started homegroup!
Went to an awesome Christchurch craft fair… and about to go to a “British” themed one this weekend
Become a coffee addict
Lived through my first Christchurch snow (there was a lot of joy, jumping up and down and comments such as”I am cold, but this is soooooooo coooooooool”)
Oh and bought a house, yes you read right, with a little help from my dad, as of 6:20pm last night I am a home owner baby (provided the builders report comes up good, contributing to the MIA blogging)

So as I run around like a crazy woman trying to sew a wedding dress, organise transporting my belongings from one end of the country to the other (between two islands hmm fun fun) and organising all the legal fun stuff that comes with buying a house, I thought it was time I posted a wee hi, I am looking forward to June and the preparation for the big move (and out of the dysfunctional flat)


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