Made By Me May – Pledge

Ok so the whole blog thing these past few weeks has been a bit neglected (rowing and all taking over my life), what can you do, its life, and it keeps chugging along quite nicely.

So it’s Made by Me May time!!

Last year I watched the sewing blogging world embark on a magical endeavour called Made By Me May, and now that I have a blog, and a growing wardrobe full of hand sewn garments, what the hell, I am going to take part. Now the only hurdle is its getting into winter, and my very summer hand made wardrobe or “Auckland winter” wardrobe is not so suited to Canterbury weather, so I am going to use this month as a little challenge to start sewing those damn clothes I have had planned for many many moons (some since mid last year), and also learn to adapt my current wardrobe to winter weather (apologies for my flippent language in this past paragraph, some times it is just called for).


 ‘I, Audsley, of plumpudding sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear me-made clothing twice a week for the duration of the month of May’

Why twice a week, well as much as I would love to wear home made clothing all week, its just not practical in my current situation, next year is another story tho.

We are nearly a week into May, and yes I have already rocked some home made this week, photos hopefully will come over the month.

Also a little update on that dress I made when I had tonsillitis, well it turned out not too bad (not quite up to my perfectionist nature), however the lining managed to split when I wore it to a dear friends wedding, so I have been humming and harring about sharing it with you… next post I will have some photos of it (in its current state) and also the plans for this very green and out of my comfort zone dress (yes it is going to get a bit of a make over, with a lot of unpicking ahead I fear).



2 thoughts on “Made By Me May – Pledge

  1. HAHA Oh no about the dress!! Would have never known that happened 🙂 It looked awesome….. hope it didn’t happen when I made you do a twirl :p

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