Who would of guessed it, I got tonsillitis AGAIN! Seriously, one big damper on life. Thankfully it didn’t go bacterial like in January and now that I know the symptoms I did something very unlike my character, I rested, yip little old Audsley rested, to be more precise played a few games of hockey then slept for the following three days. Me + being sick = unproductive blog, but it also = productive Audsley (well sewing wise). I couldn’t do too much of my PhD without my head spinning, but somehow managed to make a dress to wear for a wedding back home last weekend. Admittedly the sewing is not up to my personal perfectionist nature but the amount of compliments changed my insecure view of this dress, details about the dress you ask, well you will have to wait a few days (here is a sneak peak).

A hint of fabric

So I must admit being sick for a week, then having to fly home (is Auckland home?) for a wedding, knowing full well all my “spare” time would be spent juggling in friends too see was a bit chaotic. I left one window open to visit my favourite material store, sadly this was foregone for a much needed catch up with a friend, however with a trip back up north for uni games next weekend, and my schedule wide open, hopefully I will be able to bring back some fabric with me (one can only hope).

So much happened on that lovely visit to Auckland, I feel like it needs a post all on its own. I was blessed to watch the union of two very dear people in my life, spend quality time with a number of friends and probably the most unexpected but fulfilling part of the trip was the ability to take a single scull out every morning (6am yeh boi!) for a row, watching dawn and just having some chill time on the water is an incredible start to the day, let alone be back at a place I call home (yip I call somewhere home, and West End is it). I was lucky enough to rearrange my flights back to Christchurch a day later so I could attend the presidents closing day (the official closing of the club for the winter season), with rowing in the morning in the single, then helping some novice girls out by filling a seat in their boat, let alone the late night before hand, competing in the presidents eights races was a bit of a task, our eight came second (sigh). A big shock came at the end of the morning, I won a row with Mahé Drysdale, you know the one who won gold for New Zealand in the mens single scull at the London olympics, yeh him, it was pretty cool.

Here are my three favourite photos of the day so far (I think I have come a long way since sitting in a boat for the first time in August 2012)… enjoy

Not bad eh?

Not bad eh?

Trial Eights

Trial Eights

The lovely president Tony, Mahe and myself

The lovely president Tony, Mahe and myself




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