Eulogy of the Safety Orange Drink Bottle

A sad day has passed where I have had to bid farewell to a consistent companion, my safety orange drink bottle.

You have followed me on my travels, slotted in beside me on long drives, partook in Urban Search and Rescue training, rolled around the boat on a daily basis, sat patiently while I exercised my way to exhaustion and survived the fateful double novice capsize of 2012.

But sadly this time has come to an end, the tragic accident of the Mardi Himal trek has taken its toll, where we thought you had been revived, your degradation soon became apparent.

Thank you for keeping me hydrated, nursing my fatigue and brightening up my day. You will be missed but not forgotten. Even tho you have been replaced by the awesome purple and blue combo, you will always be the safety orange drink bottle.


Where has the time gone?

Wow I cannot believe I have been home for over a week. So much has happened it is crazy! I thought as it has been over two weeks since my last post I should say hi, I haven’t forgotten about my blog, just finding the time to sit down and compose all the thoughts going on in my head has been rather hard.

I am looking forward to sharing about my last few days in Nepal and the very quick but fulfilling trip to Pakistan (God has blessed me abundantly) but sadly these will have to wait for another post.

The past week at home has been an adjustment, I have suffered from crazy jet lag, a really bad stomach bug and my chronic fatigue syndrome has relapsed (after nearly a year of being under control, sigh).

I feel as tho my creative spark has come back, I have started making earrings and necklaces (my first attempt I am wearing below) and my sewing to do list is growing!

I was very blessed to be pressured into partaking in the West End Rowing Club Amazing Race, after our annual Christmas Party on Saturday, I was a tad stressed about the work still to complete for Nepal (which is taking forever), but I decided and prayed that I would have some fun and not worry about everything else in my life… any man did we have fun.

I got epically sun burnt! Crashed my car (well no damage to both mine or the other). We ran and drove around Auckland like maniacs, asking strangers to help us, take photos of us, give us the fingers etc. The most awesome part WE WON!!! my first ever trophy (sad I know). I really enjoyed bonding with my team mates and having a heck of a fun time doing things I normally wouldn’t. Life is great!